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For Referring Veternarians

Referrals are welcomed here at WVDS. We offer extractions for canine and feline periodontal disease, resorptive lesions, feline stomatitis (full mouth extractions including pre and post radiographs), place esophagostomy tubes when warranted, take digital dental radiographs, root canal therapy, placement of crowns, treating base narrow canine teeth with orthodontics and more. If you have any dental related questions please feel free to contact us. 

Almost every dental case we treat, the animal goes home the same day (except feline stomatitis cases, which we place an esophagostomy tube and keep the cat in our hospital 2-3 days).

We can either set up a consultation with Dr. Waugh, and then set up another appointment for the dental procedure on a later date, or, as many clients choose to do, perform the consult in the morning with Dr. Waugh and plan on doing the procedure that same day. See our section, "Things to do in the Area", for places clients can visit while we are working on their pet. Our office also has WiFi if they would like to stay in our waiting room. 

We do ask that the referring veterinarian do pre-anesthesic blood work (chem 25, CBC with differential) and a T4 in feline patients that are 8 years and older. By having the blood work and any other pre-anesthetic testing, such as echocardiogram, or any other testing indicated prior to coming to our practice will help expedite the procedure to reduce the wait your client will have at our office. Many of our dental cases are performed under anesthesia for multiple hours and we require blood work to be done prior to surgery. Please click on the link below for a dental referral page. You may fill this out and either scan and E-mail the completed form, or fax the form to us. 

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Referral Form: (Click the link below)

Dental Referral Form

Want to know how to tape in (or re-tape) in an Esophagostomy tube? We have a detailed PDF instructions on how to do this (click link below) We also have a YouTube video on how this can be performed.

YouTube Link:

PDF Link: How To Tape In An Esophagostomy Tube